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I’m a twenty-something-year-old. Creative. Traveller. Daydreamer.

It is pretty simple really. Witnessing and documenting beautiful love stories makes me gosh darn happy!

I would say I’m a very nostalgic person and this is at the core of why I love photographing weddings.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the smiles and beauty of people can be fresh, alive and meaningful to others in years to come.

These love stories will be passed on for generations and that is why being a wedding photographer is a wonderful privilege.

While you are being swept up in all the excitement of your wedding day I’m there capturing honest, real moments.

I understand that capturing those memories are important to you both.

 That is what I strive for in my photography. To tell your story.


You are marrying your best friend surrounded by your nearest & dearest and that is pretty freakin’ amazing.

Gone are the days where a wedding is a serious and formal affair. Create a day that truly reflects the two of you and do what makes you happy.

Go against the grain. Get married in the middle of a forest, an industrial warehouse or in your grandparent’s old barn.

 This is a celebration of love!

These are the weddings I love most.


Now it’s your turn.

What excites you most about your wedding?

I would love to hear about your plans so leave me a little note here.

Amanda xx


Travel is a big part of my life so I will happily pack my bags and come along for an adventure.

I’m a sucker for natural beauty so rugged landscapes such as the Scottish Highlands, Iceland or New Zealand are my dream photography destinations. If you know of anyone heading to those corners of the globe let me know. Any opportunity to combine my passions – I’m there!